Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rock Bass

This is a Rock Bass. Most Rock Bass live under rocks and can be colorful. This is a small one. Some Rock Bass can be as long as from my fingertips to elbow.

Little Creek Chub

Creek Chubs are in the Minnow family. They are related to Bass too. They are usually small but can be bigger depending on how deep the water is. They might be little but they are strong little fellows.

City Creek Fishing

Here, I am fishing at Mark's Outdoors in Vestavia Hills. There are Creek Chub, Rock Bass, Channel Catfish and Bass. I am fishing off the bridge. I am fishing with a size 8 hook, a bobber and a worm. The creeks are great to fish in because you don't know what you will catch. It is a surprise. I caught Creek Chub and Rock Bass. It was a great time.

Rock Bass