Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hawaiian Fishing Monument

Fishing monument on Oahu, Hawaii
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another fish

Logan Martin in Alabama off my aunt and uncle's deck.
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Fishing on Mother's Day

Mom and me on Mother's Day 2009 at Logan Martin lake.
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one of the many fish

We caught over a 100 fish!
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Catching Brim

Catching Brim with my Daddy at a friend's lake in Trussville, Alabama. We were fishing with my Dad, Granny, aunt, cousin and my mom.
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pic of the catfish

This is my Grand Daddy, the catfish and me!
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trailering jigs

I can only fish with a bobber.  I like to trailer jigs.  They catch a lot of fish.  The fishing channel shows lots of jigs and I like to do as many as I can.

About Me

I caught a huge catfish on a little jig with my Grand Daddy. I'm a six year old kid that is a boy. I watch the WFN fishing channel alot. I have caught the tiniest fish on the same day that I caught the catfish.