Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fishing Poem

Fishing is fun!
I think it is cool.
See the fish bite on the hook.
Hear them hit the top of the water.
I think Bream fishing is fun too.
No fish can resist bait.
Got to go fishing!

I am learning about poetry at school.  This is an acrostic poem.

College Fishing Tournament in Guntersville

I went to a fishing tournament at Lake Guntersville in Alabama.  I got a special lure from one of the Alabama fishing team members.  They told me a few tips on fishing.  I got my picture made with the teams from the University of Alabama and UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham).  It was a really fun trip.

Spring Break 2012 Fishing on the Warrior River

We fished on topwater bait about 10 to 20 minutes at the Gorgas Steam Plant down a rock bank. We caught one pretty big bass and that was the first fish I have ever caught on a topwater lure! We caught three crappie that day on minnows and brim baits.  You should really go fishing on the Warrior River or Bankhead Lake. 

When we got home we got the fish and got a spoon with a rough head and a knife.  We brought out a cutting table and we cut the fish's head off and then we take all the scales off with the spoon. Then we wash them off and then they are ready to cook.